Over a Decade of Brilliance and counting....
building an efficient, reliable and impactful engineering servicing company

Company Structure

Over a Decade of Brilliance and counting....
nurturing a stake in the Nigerian quest for modern strides in technology

Company Structure
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Our Organizational Structure.

BRAD2 Group has excellent and expert hands in collaboration with international experts in executing all its projects. Below is a graphical representation of our Organizational Structure.

Our Workforce / Manpower

Our staff, independent consultants and technical partners have a long history of developing impactful and sustainable technical and commercial solutions for clients’ complex and straightforward projects. Our Workforce, from incorporation, has earned excellent clients performance appraisal, thereby fostering the drive to solving further challenges confronting our clients.

Our Leadership Team

BRAD2 Group comprises of a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel, co-headed by the Chairman and Managing Director, strengthened by talented and dedicated professionals.

Our Local Content

BRAD2 Group is a 100% owned indigenous Company that seeks to explore and exploit as much as possible local resources to present a formidable and dependable team to render services to major industry players in our fields of operation.

To provide for deficiencies in the local content capacity, wherever it exists, and to meet all requirements for performance and prompt delivery of services, we maintain an overseas base and employ the services of critical expatriates only when such skill is not available in-country. The concept is to assist in knowledge transfer to Nigerians, provide spares for our equipment and procure new facilities required for job execution. The table below is the local content structure of BRAD2 Group

Our Certifications and Registration

We are dully registered with appropriate bodies/commissions in our fields of operations. Below is a record of our certificate of Incorporation and Registration.

Our Clients

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